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You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag

Hello Bookish Buddies!  I was tagged a while ago for this super fun tag (because I will forever be behind on my tags) by Emma @ Reading Through the Night!  I really love tags like these.  Anyway, I didn’t know which books to pick, so I just chose the first two characters that came to mind in the first 15 books that Goodreads randomly selected for me.  Hopefully you’ll see some you’ll recognize! Let’s get into it!

You only have one more spot on your spelling bee team, who would you choose to complete your team?

Maven from the Red Queen series and Tyson from the Percy Jackson series

I mean, putting aside character values and stuff, Maven can actually speak full sentences, so I guess Maven?

Final answer: Maven

Both these characters want to kill you, which character would you kill first so you have a better change of surviving?

Jaxon from Like No Other and Teacup from The Fifth Wave series

Well, to be completely honest, I feel like Teacup could kill me before Jaxon could, even though she’s five or something.  I guess being in the Fifth Wave does that to you.

Final answer: Teacup

You are on the bachelor or bachelorette and these are the last two people, who are you giving your final rose to?

Violet from You Know Me Well and Harry from the Harry Potter series

This is kind of a hard one, because Violet’s purpose in You Know Me Well is to be the absolutely perfect ideal lesbian love interest, but Harry actually has character.  Being with Violet would have to get boring after a few months, while there would never be a dull moment with Harry.  Well, considering this is The Bachelorette and these couples break up after a few months anyway, so I’m gonna go with Violet.  Harry belongs with Ginny anyway.

Final answer: Violet

You have been chosen for the hunger games, which of these characters are most likely to volunteer to take your place?

Blue from The Raven Boys and Elide from the Throne of Glass series

That’s funny, Emma got Elide for this question too.  I honestly don’t think either would be to keen on volunteering for a fight to the death, but I feel like Blue would live longer, so I’m gonna have to go with Blue.

Final answer: Blue

You are stranded on an island, which character would you sacrifice to cannibalism?

Draco and Sirius from the Harry Potter series

Is this even a question?

Final answer: Draco

You are the next DC or Marvel superhero, which of these characters would you want as your sidekick?

Hermione from the Harry Potter series and Kate from You Know Me Well

Again, is this even a question?  Kate’s entire story arc revolves around Violet, and I already gave her my final rose.  Plus, Hermione is badass af.

Final answer: Hermione

You’re a manager of an avocado admiring company, which character would you fire for lack of communication skills?

Fred from the Harry Potter series Ringer from the Fifth Wave series

Okay 1. I don’t like Ringer, 2. she doesn’t communicate, 3. I love Fred, 4. he’d probably blow some shit up but I don’t care, he’s wonderful.  Case closed.

Final answer: Ringer

You’ve just finished a book in which your favorite character dies, which character would most likely comfort you?

Devorah from Like No Other Doran from Starflight

Definitely Devorah.  She’s sweet and Doran is a douche nozzle.

Final answer: Devorah

It is high school, which of these characters would most likely be part of the popular clique?

Julian from the Red Queen series and Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series

Annabeth seems more like the popular clique type and Julian really doesn’t.

Final answer: Annabeth

It’s your birthday, which character would have the nerve to forget?

Levi from Fangirl and Elara from the Red Queen series

*Gasps* Levi would never!  Well maybe he would, but Elara just wouldn’t give a shit.

Final answer: Elara

You’ve just found an upcoming booktube star, which character would it most likely be?

Gansey from The Raven Boys series and Ella from the Lorien Legacies series

I really doubt that either of these characters would have a booktube, but I feel like Gansey has the charisma for it and Ella is busy fighting off hostile aliens.

Final answer: Gansey

Sleepover time! unfortunately you can only invite one person, who would it be?

Mare from the Red Queen series and Marina from the Lorien Legacies series

Oh damn, both of these characters annoy me.  Marina annoys me substantially less, so I’m gonna go Marina.

Final answer: Marina

Bam! you’re pregnant, who is the father (or mother…)?

Sierra from What Light and Solara from Starflight

That rhymes! But I honestly hate both of them.  Pretending this is physically possible, I’m probably more likely to have a one night stand with Sierra.  Yes, that’s how it happened.

Final answer: Sierra

You’ve just written a super important text, who would read it and not reply?

Aedion from the Throne of Glass series and Luna from the Harry Potter series

As much as I love Aedion, Luna doesn’t strike me as a passive aggressive person and Aedion really does.

Final answer: Aedion

You’ve just woken up and it’s time for breakfast, your mum has suddenly been replaced, who has she been replaced by?

Caleb from What Light and Reagan from Fangirl

Let’s be real, Reagan would be so much more of a cool mom than Caleb, and she wouldn’t come after me with a knife.

Final answer: Reagan

So that was that!  I had fun doing this tag, I hope you had fun reading it!  I’m going to do what I always do and tag my last few followers, so I tag:

If you do end up doing this tag, please link me to it! I’d love to see all of the ridiculous scenarios that come about!

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