Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books I’ve Read in 2017 So Far

Hello, Bookish Buddies, and welcome to this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!  I took yet another unexpected hiatus, which I apologize for, but I have high hopes that that won’t happen again for the rest of the summer! Yay! So let’s get into the Top Ten Tuesday!

10. More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera


From the diverse cast of characters to the intricately thought out world to the plot twist that caught me totally off guard, this book had it all.


9. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan


It took me way too long to start this series, but I’m glad I finally did. Riordan’s humor is like none other that I’ve read before, and I’m excited to read the rest of his books.

8. Swarm by Scott Westerfeld


I feel like I spend too much time talking about Ryan Graudin’s books (don’t worry, we’re getting there), but I low key love Scott Westerfeld’s books just as much. His books are way underrated, but they are gold, so check out this series. It’s so creative and wonderful!

7. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


This was my first book of the year, and what a wonderful start to 2017 it was! I honestly don’t know how I’ve gone this long without starting Gemina. I need to know what happens!

6. A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge


A Face Like Glass was so satisfying.  There was such an intricate plot, and it all came together so nicely at the end. This book was completely devoid of plot holes, which is so uncommon and I loved it so much.

5. Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore


I just finished this book, but I still had to put it on my list.  I love this world, I love the politics.  Political fantasy is a way underrated genre and I just want to see more of it.

4. Like a River Glorious by Rae Carson


The first book in this series didn’t impress me all that much, but it set up an amazing basis for this one.  I can’t wait to read more by Rae Carson.

3. Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin


I told you we’d get to Ryan Graudin.  I loved Blood for Blood. The ending was so satisfying.  But after Wolf by Wolf, it is impossible to come out with something better. I still loved this book, even though one of my babies decided to be a dumbass and cause a lot of problems in the end.  The story has ended really well, but I still want all of the prequels.


2. The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani


Yes, there still are two books that topped Blood for Blood. I know, I was pretty shocked too. The first one is The School for Good and Evil.  I love how it critiqued the binary of good vs. evil (ew, I sound like I’m in school), and I loved the dark humor.  I’m so ready to read more if only Overdrive had the sequel available.


1. Fire by Kristin Cashore

6137154And my number one book for the first half of 2017 is…drumroll please…even though you can clearly see it…Fire by Kristin Cashore!  Political fantasy, man. It’s great.  I know the trilogy is over, but I just want more!  I want an infinite supply of books from this realm because it’s just so amazing. However, Fire was by far my favorite.




What was your favorite book that you read in the first half of 2017?


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books I’ve Read in 2017 So Far

  1. Illuminae was also one of my favorites so far this year! I too have no idea why I have not started Gemina yet lol.

    Also just started Percy Jackson, and I’m hoping to like it as much as everyone.

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