Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Parents/Parental Figures in YA

Hello, Bookish Buddies, and welcome to this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the Broke and the Bookish! The prompt was supposed to be about father’s day, but since 1. I was working on school work all through mother’s day and 2. Everyone’s parents in YA are dead or just really crappy parents for the most part, I decided to make this post about parents in general.  I tried really hard not to double up on books, but as I said, parents in YA tend to either be dead or just really crappy. So yeah, I doubled up on most of them. Enjoy!

10. Amberly Schreave from The Selection Series

10507293Let’s kick this post off with Amberly Schreave. I personally don’t think we got enough of her in The Selection series. Although she was a very minor character, you could tell that she was a great mother and was motherly toward Maxon, America, and basically the rest of the country she reigned.

9. Sir from Snow Like Ashes

17399160-1Sir’s love for Meira in Snow Like Ashes was tough love, but you could tell it was genuine. Although Sir isn’t Meira’s father, he is very fatherly toward Meira and Mather.

8. Betty from Elsewhere

359410Although Betty didn’t quite know what to do when her granddaughter, Liz, died and arrived in Elsewhere, her love and support shined through.  Throughout the book, she worked tirelessly to help Liz cope with her death, earning her a spot on my list.

7. Shalom Singer from The Selection Series

10507293I honestly did not know Shalom’s name until I looked it up for this post. I just refer to him as America’s dad. Anyway, he was awesome and super badass. I can’t say too much without spoiling things, but his awesomeness really shows in his letters to America.

6. Becky Joyner from the Walk on Earth a Stranger Series

17564519Although she started off as a shit person, Becky Joyner redeems herself later on in the book.

5. Henri from I Am Number Four

img_3178Henri was super epic.  He worked tirelessly to keep John safe, up until the bitter end.

4. The Major from the Walk on Earth a Stranger Series

17564519Major Craven was also the nicest person ever.  He was an awesome wagon train leader through and through.

3. Sirius Black from the Harry Potter Series

3Ah, Sirius Black. The iconic godfather of Harry Potter. How could he not have a spot on this list? Actually, a lot of Harry Potter characters deserve to be on this list. It was hard choosing.

2. Henryka from the Wolf by Wolf Duology

24807186It wouldn’t be one of my posts without bringing up Wolf by Wolf.  Henryka was just a wonderful supporting character and Wolf by Wolf wouldn’t be the same without her.

1. Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter Series

3Let’s just be honest here, Molly Weasley is the ultimate book parent. Am I right, or am I right?






Aside from Molly, who is your favorite book parent?


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Best Parents/Parental Figures in YA

  1. America’s parents were pretty cool and Molly is seriously like the ultimate Mom/parent out there. I really enjoyed the parents in The Hate U Give and I liked Andie’s dad in The Unexpected Everything a lot too!

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