Wrap Ups

March 2017 Wrap Up

Hello, Bookish Buddies, and welcome to my March 2017 wrap up! First off, I have a shameful confession to make (I’m sure we all do this, but still). I delayed writing this post in hopes that I could finish one more book in the first days of April to put on here, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  That being said, let’s get into what I actually did read.


I did not read as much as I hoped to. I only read three books this month, and to be honest, I’m a little disappointed in myself. I could’ve done better.

  1. Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge – 2.75/5 stars. Review here.
  2. More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera – 4.5/5 stars. Review here.
  3. The Last Star by Rick Yancey – 3.5/5 stars. This book was decent. I was kind of over The Fifth Wave series after the first book, though.


For nerds like myself
  • 2/3 were from my original TBR
  • In total, I read 1090 pages
    • That’s about 30 pages per day
    • The average length of the books I read was about 363 pages
  • I read 1 physical book and 2 audiobooks
  • My average rating this month was 3.58/5 stars

Life Update

Where do I begin? Over the past week or so, I’ve been looking at colleges. I loved 3/4 of them, which is nice. I’ve been studying for the ACT like crazy, because I have to take it on Saturday. I don’t know if they have the ACT or an ACT equivalent in other countries, but it’s basically a waste of four hours of your life on a Saturday morning that somehow dictates your value to colleges. Fun.

And also, Camp NaNoWriMo! For the first time in 3+ years, I have a serious writing project I’m working on! I’m still kind of figuring out the plot, and everything I’ve written up to this point is utter crap, but isn’t that the point? I hope so!  Contrary to what I believed when I was writing my first Camp NaNo post, I figured out a basic plot! It’s basically a really dark contemporary about suicide, grief, and mental illness. I’ll get into it in my next Camp NaNo update, so if you’re interested, look out for that!

How was your March, in terms of reading and life in general?


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