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Judge a Book By Its Cover Challenge (Ft. My Dad)

Hello, Bookish Buddies, and welcome to this challenge that nobody asks for and nobody everybody needs in their lives! I saw this challenge on BookTube a while back, and yesterday, after I bought a bunch of books, my dad asked to look at them.  I was handing them all over to him to look at, but somethings with books these days, there are no synopses on the back, so he couldn’t tell what they were about.  From this, the idea for us to do this challenge was born!  I hope this brings you the mild entertainment that it brought us! Let’s get into it!

28763485Bella: Okay, so this is the one that inspired me to do this, as you can tell pretty much nothing from the cover.
Dad: The Sun is Also a Star…cosmos meets reality TV when Jupiter and the gas giants conspire to throw the sun a prankster birthday party.  There we go.
Bella: Good guess, this is about the romance between a girl who’s about to get deported to Jamaica and a guy who’s parents want him to do really well in school.  It takes place over the course of a really short period of time (idk, I haven’t read it).
Dad: Oh, that was going to be my second guess.

256683Dad: City of Bones…alright, an evil scientific genius puts a virus in the water that causes everyone to be unable to keep food down. Within months, New York City is transformed into a City of Bones.
Bella: Also good guess, no, this is about a girl that finds out she has special powers to hunt demons by finding more people with powers to hunt demons (5/5 star synopsis from me there).




10507293Dad: Hmm, gotta love the hoop skirts here…The Selection…Dancing With the Stars meets a bumper car ride when thirty-five beauty queens contend in a hoop skirt smackdown.
Bella: Haha, no, this is basically The Bachelor: Royal Edition. Except there’s this caste system where everyone gets a number, with the ones being really rich and the eights being really poor, and the only way to move up is to be in The Selection.
Dad: Ah, so it’s basically The Bachelor/Hunger Games
Bella: Yeah, pretty much.


16096824Dad: A Court of Thorns and Roses…well this looks very period goth fantasy. I would have to guess that this is a medieval fantasy political intrigue type of novel.
Bella: Close, surprisingly, it is kind of a medieval fantasy political intrigue novel, except the politics are between the fairy realm and the human realm.  And it’s kind of a Beauty and the Beast retelling but not really. So anyway, this huntress girl, Feyre, kills a wolf, but that wolf is actually a fairy in disguise, and then some big scary beast guy takes her away and forces her to live in luxury in a palace, and also gives her family money since they were starving.
Dad: He seems a little confused in his villainy here.


22328546Dad: Red Queen…I’m guessing this is probably a biographical fiction retelling of the brief reign of Bloody Mary, queen of Scots.
Bella: Interesting, it’s not.  It’s about this society where there’s two types of people: people with red blood and people with silver blood. The silver bloods have weird abilities, but this girl is red and she has weird abilities, and then she gets to marry a prince.
Dad: And she has weird abilities even though she’s red?
Bella: Yeah.



Alright, that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this.  If you want me to do more books with my dad or my mom or some other random person I find, let me know!  Also, do this with your family. It’s really fun.

Until next time!


8 thoughts on “Judge a Book By Its Cover Challenge (Ft. My Dad)

  1. This actually made my day. I feel like your dad would make an awesome author with some of the ideas he came up😂 Such a cool post and I’m really tempted to experiment on my dad with this and see what he comes up with!💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. My dad actually is a writer, but he’s more of a film/comic writer. You should totally try it with your dad. Dads are really creative when it comes to YA books 😂


      1. Ooo that’s why his answers were so amazing! Dad’s are the best, especially when it comes to trying to discuss what their nerdy teenage daughters are into. Some of the best parts of my day are when I explain what’s happening in my book to him and his responses are priceless. It’ll be fun doing it with him!


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