Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Worst Romances of All Time

Hello, Bookish Buddies, and happy Valentine’s Day! Now, if you’re anything like me and you realize this is literally the worst holiday of all, you’ve come to the right post! A lot of other posts are going to be talking about the best romances, but I am not a fan of romance, therefore I don’t think I have a top ten best romances. I might have a top three, or top five, but not ten. So I’m just gonna make some sarcastic comments about some pairings I hated. Enjoy!  (PS, this post contains minor Empire of Storms spoilers. Proceed with caution).

10. Dorian and Manon

28260587So you know I believe this book can do no wrong, but I don’t like Dorian and Manon together. I honestly believe that Manon should be with Elide and Dorian should be with Chaol and they should all kick some demon ass together. However, I know these are all just unfortunately fantasies because heteronormativity.




9. Sierra and Caleb

29093326So if you regularly read my posts, you know I have some issues with this book.  There are a lot of red flags about Caleb that are extremely inconsistent with his character, but also turn out to be true, and Sierra just flat out ignores them. Seriously, I’d tell you to read it and find out for yourself, but it’s really not worth your time.





8. Clary and Jace

256683I know I may not be qualified to say this because I’ve only read the first book, but I don’t like Clary and Jace. It’s not that I don’t like them together, I just don’t really like them much as characters.





7. Mare and Everyone

22328546Literally everyone.  I don’t see her with anyone she is shipped with in this series. Mostly because I don’t really like anyone in this series. But still, she doesn’t really seem to have chemistry with anyone in my opinion.






6. Kate and Violet

27158835I wanted to like this pairing so badly, but they didn’t even know each other and throughout the book, I feel like they still don’t get to know each other.






5. Lilac and Tarver

13138635I’ve just noticed that a lot of these books are the same as the ones from last week. I guess unrealistic characters makes for unauthentic romance. Anyway, they go from ‘I hate you’ to ‘I can’t live without you’ way too quickly. And they’re both unrealistically rude to each other. In all honesty, they should’ve died crashing into the planet. Literally, they’re dead. It’s physically impossible for them to have survived.




4. Doran and Solara

21793182I really hate the trope where the victim falls in love with the bully because he’s secretly really sweet and sensitive. No. He has some issues that he needs to work out. You can’t change him. You’re just getting yourself into an abusive relationship! But of course, that doesn’t happen in this book because it’s fiction.




3. Lily and Rowan

20613491He’s basically just a controlling jackass to her the entire time. And she’s whiny and complainy the entire time. This book would’ve been so cool if it hadn’t focused so much on the romance!






2. Violet and Finch

18460392Their relationship was really unhealthy. They both have serious issues that they need to work through. I know, I’ve been in a relationship like this one and it absolutely sucked. It’s like they’re both trying to save each other from their woes but they obviously can’t because they’re clueless teenagers.





1. Isla and Josh

9627755This is my absolute worst romance of all time.  I don’t remember one part where I enjoyed this book.  I actually really liked the first two books, but I had a problem with Isla in this book. She created problems from nothing just for the plot. Honestly, this book could’ve been a novella and I would’ve been a lot happier. And also, what kind of teenagers have enough money to run away to Spain for a weekend? I’m a teenager and I definitely don’t.




Who is your least favorite YA couple?


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